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Finally, substances called lignans in flaxseed have phytoestrogenic properties Some preliminary research indicates that these lignans may also fight cancer in 1 Jul 2013 Flaxseed oil has only ALA, not the fiber or lignans found in the flaxseed. called lignans, may help protect against some kinds of cancer

14 Oct 2011 Recently, attention has focused on the flaxseed itself, which is a rich source of lignans, compounds that can act as anti-estrogens or as weak

Anti-cancer effects of lignans. Enterolignans are structurally similar to estrogen and can bind to estrogen receptors this capability allows lignans to either have Variability in anticancer lignan levels in flaxseed. Thompson LU, Rickard SE, Cheung F, Kenaschuk EO, Obermeyer WR. Flaxseed and its major mammalian Most of the research regarding flaxseed and breast cancer focuses on the lignans found in flaxseeds, and their potential for weak estrogenic or anti- estrogenic

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This is exactly how the anti-breast cancer drug Arimidex works. Studies show that flaxseeds-high in dietary lignans-may substantially decreases the incidence Anti-tumor effects were also observed when HMR lignans were administered in flax (ActiFlax) and the Norway spruce (HMRlignan) are now available as

studies support a role for flax and its lignans in breast cancer prevention and lignans appear to protect against breast cancer, at least in premenopausal 25 Dec 2009 Flax seed and sesame seed have the highest levels of lignans. Lignans acts as anticancer compounds by blocking powerful growth factor