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1 Aug 2014 With more than 60 percent of women in their child-bearing years using some form of contraceptive most turning toward an oral pill for the 1 Aug 2014 A new study published in the journal Cancer Research is linking certain types of oral contraceptives to a higher risk of developing breast

1 Aug 2014 Some formulations of birth control pills may be tied to a higher breast cancer risk, according to a new study led by a Fred Hutch researcher

1 Aug 2014 About 24 percent, 78 percent, and less than 1 percent of study controls who were recent oral contraceptive users filled at least one prescription Their study is one of the first to examine the new birth control pill formulations available, which offer a variety of estrogen dosages. Because oral contraceptives 1 Aug 2014 Numerous studies have suggested that birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer. Now, a new study suggests that this increased risk

What a New Study Found About Birth Control Pills and Breast

Current or recent use of birth control pills (oral contraceptives) slightly increases the risk of breast cancer 11,37-39. Studies show that while women are taking 1 Aug 2014 Women who used certain types of birth control pills may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer within the following year, compared to

6 Aug 2014 New Research on the Birth Control-Breast Cancer Link For this latest study, scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Read about birth control options, their effectiveness, and new discoveries in the field A new study looks at changes in alcohol use, and factors contributing to