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I have been interested in the apricot seeds and cancer. I have been doing research and found this on a cancer research site from the UK. It states: Vitamin B17 is found in seeds such as the apple, peach, cherry, grapes, and apricot. It is found in some beans and many grasses such as wheat grass

230 Responses to How poisonous are peach seeds Dan Ditts says: August 11th, 2006 at 22:28. Is their any nutrition in mango seeds like in almond seeds

Readers Respond: Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits, Chemistry The theory behind apricot pits and cancer treatment is that amygdalin, which is also known as laetrile and is contained in the pits of apricots, produces cyanide in Anyone who enjoys biting into a sweet, fleshy peach can now give thanks to the people who first began domesticating this fruit: Chinese farmers who lived 7,500 years ago

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Hi, I have read somewhere that B17 and Apricot Seeds not only prevent cancer but has been known to slow the growth of cancerous tumors and in some cases rid patients Cancer can be cured or prevented with scientific natural remedies

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