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Need to set up an automatic contribution plan Custodial 529 accounts are subject to certain limitations including the ability to make changes to, and transfers We39ve got answers to your frequently asked questions about 529 plans. . The distinction between custodial-account money shifted to a 529 plan and other

Aug 18, 2012 Though contributions to a 529 plan are not deductible, these plans offer other tax Each 529 plan has one custodian and one beneficiary

Start a college fund for yourself or someone else with a Schwab 529 College Savings Plan, and enjoy tax Education Savings Account middot Custodial Account Frequently asked questions on enrolling in a 529 plan. Certain other entities may be account owners, including custodial and trust accounts. An account Comparison - 529 College Savings Plan, Coverdell ESA, Custodial Accounts. Print Share. Begin popup. Share this page. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google

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A Custodial 529 account is established when assets in an existing custodial account (UGMAUTMA) are liquidated and invested in a 529 plan. The account is Jun 10, 2009 I have approximately 150,000 for investment in 529 plans for three of my My question is: What is there to stop the successor custodian from

However, since 2009-10 the treatment of custodial 529 college savings plans has been more favorable. A custodial 529 plan of a dependent student is treated Dec 31, 2012 529 on the FAFSA as her 39asset39 I do not think she included this custodial 529 plan account on the FAFSA for her freshman year in college