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The two main oxidation states of thallium are 1 and 3. In the oxidation state 1 most compounds closely resemble the corresponding potassium or silver compounds 12122014018332Adenosine thallium scan: A method of examining the heart to obtain information about the blood supply to the heart muscle. Special cameras take a series

3292011018332A thallium exercise stress test is a cardiovascular screening tool for heart disease. Photo Credit StockbyteStockbyteGetty Images A thallium exercise

Return To Main Guide Heart Disease in Women. What Is A Nuclear Heart Scan A nuclear heart scan is a type of heart disease test. It is also known as nuclear stress 12112014018332Persantine thallium scan: A type of myocardial perfusion scan done to disclose any areas of the heart muscle that may not be getting enough blood to Care guide for Persantine Thallium Stress Test possible causes, signs and symptoms, standard treatment options and means of care and support

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Precautions to Take After a Persantine Radionuclide Test. A persantine radionuclide test is a cardiac diagnostic test. It is usually administered to patients who 3122014018332A cardiac perfusion scan measures the amount of blood in your heart muscle at rest and during exercise. It is often done to find out what may be causing

1212014018332A thallium scan is often used to see if the brain is getting enough blood Thallium Heart Scan Definition. A thallium heart scan is a test using a special camera and a small amount of radioactive substance injected into the bloodstream to