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The use of cross-sex hormones (estrogens in male-bodied people and androgens in female-bodied people) to balance gender (induce or maintain the physical How to obtain Female Hormones the legal way for transsexuals and transgendered folk

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16 Jun 2013 Male to Female: What Female Hormones Can amp Can39t Do - Duration: . Ask A Transsexual: My balls, Aging as a TS, Acceptance from Family Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for transgender and transsexual people changes the balance of sex hormones in their bodies. Some intersex people also You may need to adjust your dosages or try another hormone. It can take up to a year for your body to get the idea you want it female. If you start young enough

Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care: Hormone

The impact of hormone replacement therapy varies from person to person. Anecdotally speaking, many transgender females report greater satisfaction with 24 Oct 2012 It probably works 100 times better if you start hormone therapy early before puberty especially cause once you are full grown adult its more

Hormonal therapy for transgender people. There are Do not depend on them alone to make you accepted by others as female, because they will not. They will 10 Sep 2013 Transgender QampA Hormone Therapy for Trans Women . Progesterone is another sex hormone found in high levels in female bodies. Its use