Cancer in her thyroid

Dec 1, 2013 CLARE BALDING was overcome with emotion and tears as she recalled her thyroid cancer treatment Apr 17, 2013 Not many people know about Sofia Vergara39s battle with cancer. The Modern Family star was diagnosed with the disease when she was just

Read about thyroid cancer symptoms, treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radioactive iodine), types (papillary, follicular, medullary, anaplastic), stages, signs,

Aug 4, 2014 A California woman is suing Amylin, alleging its diabetes drug Byetta caused her thyroid cancer With a megahit TV show and multiple ad campaigns, actor and funny lady Sofia Vergara is on top of the world. Yet early in her career, the former model faced a Oct 21, 2014 The 39Modern Family39 star tells ET about her past experience with thyroid cancer

Clare Balding breaks down over her fight against thyroid cancer

Joy Cortese is one of them, having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years ago. Even though Joy is one of millions, her story is one of a kind Apr 18, 2013 Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has revealed her battle with thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism, and also shared her plans for motherhood

Aug 18, 2014 In the September issue of Shape, cover model Brooke Burke-Charvet opens up about her battle with thyroid cancer and her inspirational road Nov 8, 2012 Brook Burke-Charvet revealed she has thyroid cancer. on her thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland at the front of her neck, was spotted during a