Breast cancer discharge

Nipple discharge is regarded a sign of breast cancer. Type of discharge and cytology are unreliable for diagnosis. Most malignant cases have a detectable Liquid leaking from your nipple (nipple discharge) can be troubling, but it is rarely a sign of breast cancer. Discharge can be your body39s natural reaction when

This is known as physiologic discharge and is not associated with breast cancer. If the discharge is clear and thick, like mucus, this should be investigated as

Nipple discharge: Symptom Overview covers definition and possible causes of milky, bloody or other However, breast cancer is a possibility, especially if: 24 Sep 2014 Nipple discharge can be an early symptom of breast cancer, but most cases of nipple discharge are due to benign conditions. The following are Nipple discharge is the leakage of fluid from one or both nipples. Nipple discharge normally occurs after a woman gives birth to a baby because her breasts

Nipple Discharge: A Sign of Breast Cancer

WebMD explains breast and nipple discharge and what it might indicate. Know what to What is the connection between nipple discharge and breast cancer Nipple discharge is usually not a symptom of breast cancer. But it is important to find out what is causing it and to get treatment. Here are some reasons for

This wart-like group inside the duct irritates the tissue, producing the reddish discharge. This can also be a symptom of breast cancer, so proper evaluation is Nipple discharge may be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or a wide range Having duct ectasia does not increase your risk of developing breast cancer in