Raisin and gin arthritis cure

18 Oct 2005 We have received more mail about this raisin remedy than any other home remedy we have written about. We don39t know how it got started or It may sound silly the first time you hear it. Eating gin-soaked raisins for arthritis is often touted by its faithful as a natural cure or an effective folk remedy for

24 Jun 2007 Im posting this recipe because my FILs second wife has had great success with it. Whether its the placebo effect or whether it actually works,

When it was first introduced, everyone said gin-soaked raisin was a fad. Juniper is an old world remedy for rheumatism and arthritis. It contains essential oils, 13 Dec 2012 Q. I recently obtained your pamphlet about Alternate Treatments for Arthritis. Since then I have used the gin-soaked raisin remedy daily 20 Feb 2011 Will a daily regimen of ingesting gin-soaked raisins help cure arthritis

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She covers the raisins with gin in a jar for two weeks, adding gin if necessary . I have a strong sense that this remedy does something much better for arthritic 11 Apr 2011 Suffer from arthritis The Medicine Hunter has the skinny on a folk remedy that combines golden raisins and gin that some say is sure to help

The origin of the gin-soaked raisins cure is shrouded in urban legend, taking the gin-soaked raisin formula include migraine headaches,gout and arthritic pain 4 Mar 2011 looking for gin amp raisins for arthritis, check out DrunkenRaisins.com, Over the years this home remedy for pain relief grew in popularity and