Elevated platelet cancer

31 Jul 2013 Hemostatic elements involved include platelets, coagulation, and levels demonstrated a strong prognostic ability, and elevated levels of uPA 13 May 2014 A platelet count is used to detect a low or high number of platelets in the As the number of cancer cells increases in the bone marrow, normal

5 Jul 2012 There39s no other evident cause for your elevated platelet count. an undetected ( occult) cancer a past splenectomy (removal of the spleen)

Elevation of platelet count in patients with colorectal cancer predicts In addition , 5-year survival of patients with high platelet count and normal platelet count 1 Nov 2012 Some cancers can cause a high platelet count either by causing damage to tissues, causing blood loss (for example from the bowel) or by High platelet counts can be an early indicator of cancer. In fact, about one-third of women with ovarian cancer have an abnormally high platelet count at the time

Platelets, coagulation and fibrinolysis in breast cancer progression

2 Aug 2013 High Platelets Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, of another disease or condition, such as anemia, infection or cancer 18 Oct 2004 Indeed, blood platelet numbers (platelet count) have been reported to have predictive value in various cancers. High platelet count is

29 Apr 2010 On the other hand, elevated platelet counts generated in this way could then facilitate the growth and metastasis of the cancer 22 Apr 2014 An abnormally high platelet count caused by another condition is called secondary or reactive thrombocytosis. Cancer is a common cause of