Against birth control not against csections

10 Apr 2014 The secret anti-abortion law that39s sweeping America Let39s ban 39bossy39 and not just because Sheryl Sandberg and Beyonc said so 2 May 2014 Unless there is a definitive need for a C-section, vaginal birth has major benefits All those C-sections have not translated into substantially better compiled for us by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . Lots of places say they have an institutional philosophy against too many C-sections,

29 Mar 2010 All of our patients with prior c-sections did have the abortion they sought . there39s often a stigma against cesareans (amp not breastfeeding, etc.)

23 Nov 2014 So, in general women are cautioned against having more than three surgical deliveries They39re not birth control, they39re circumstances Does c-section protect against sexual, not guiding women to birth the baby39s bowel incontinence (decreased ability to control loss of gas or, more 23 Jul 2013 C-section rates are leveling out after a 12-year surge in popularity, but experts What You Don39t Know About C-Sections Turns out, it39s not so safe to But a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report finds

Inside the war on natural birth, where c-sections are a status symbol

12 Apr 2014 From, Inside the War on Natural Birth, by Jill Filipovic: forced or coerced c- sections are not unusual here in Brazil, where some hospitals 5.1 Time and place 5.2 Different behaviors for primiparous vs. multiparous women . Nevertheless, abortion is not taken lightly and is traditionally marked by .. The rate of c-sections in Japan in 2005 was, according to one estimate, 17.4

11 Nov 2009 The curious history in birth control It is hard to get a great comparison of vaginal versus Caesarean, mainly because there are so many factors that go into the That, experts say, may not happen anytime soon 6 Apr 2011 She does not believe in birth control so this could go on forever (well .. I have nothing against C-sections and child birth is a very personal