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OU OS and OD are for accurately documenting each or both eye, since the How do I document that eye drops were administered one drop in each eye. igtt ou OD, OS, OU. Right eye, left eye, both eyes. CD. Cup-to-disc ratio of the optic Cylinder (in refraction). PF, PA 1. Pred Forte eye drops, prednisolone acetate. D

Medical definition for the term 39O.U.39 O.U.. Type: Abbreviation. Definitions: 1. Abbreviation for Latin oculus uterque, each eye or both eyes

OU stands for BOTH EYES. For example, a doctor may write 1 gtt OU HS on a prescription for eye drops. This means One drop into both eyes at bedtime. od os ou oz p pc pc breakfast per per. PM po, per os. PR, pr prn. PV, pv q qam drop(s) hour(s) high dose at bedtime water intramuscularly (for injectables) inject left eye both eyes ounce after after meals (after a meal if once daily dosing) IOP fu VF OU. And sometimes we even make-up our own Then it was explained to me, BE both eyes. It was a few days later that I also learned that BE in the

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1 Eye examination terms 2 Clinical conditions terms 3 Contact lens terms 4 Pharmacy and drug terms OU, oculus utro (both eyes) . Guttg, Guttae (drops) Ask separately, patients often forget about drops, and others are in eye mode and A normal exam can be remarked as above full OU, or by drawing the

Oculi uterque means both eyes. It is more common to see the abbreviation, OU. Binocular means pertaining to both eyes. The latin term for both eyes is oculi Drop(s), gutta(e). h. Hour, hora. h.s., At bedtime, hora right eye, omne in die oculus dexter. o.s. or os, left eye, oculus sinister. o.u., Both eyes, oculus uterque