Boss and employee about plan

18 Sep 2013 The SEC39s plan, a requirement of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, would give investors more information about pay disparities. It would require firms U.S. regulators proposed new rules Wednesday that would require public companies to disclose the pay gap between chief executives and rank-and-file

12 Jun 2013 For those employees who do think their boss isn39t very happy with them, The other 12 will agree to the the improvement plan and once they

28 Aug 2013 When an employee comes in with 39some news39 that she39s pregnant Should companies be able to ask pregnant staff whether they plan to It is important that you make a good impression at work. If you do, your boss will be more likely to give you greater responsibility which can in turn lead to 19 Feb 2014 Groundbreaking Plan Would Base The Boss39 Salary On The Janitor39s a plan to limit the salary of the highest-paid employee to 10 times that of

SEC Wants Boss-Employee Pay Gap on Display - WSJ

Employees today have to create and manage your own career paths -- through one say that the day you start a new job you should begin planning for your next job. One professional we know sends out a monthly email to his boss and his 22 Aug 2013 The United Parcel Service UPS, -0.57 will no longer cover employees39 spouses on the company health plan. And while it39s not the only

13 Jun 2014 You39re the Boss - The Art of Running a Small Business Employees can then choose any plan within that tier of coverage, where plans may Conflict between a difficult boss and an employee can be daunting and intimidating. Always have a plan B. Most people are scared about having a discussion