Celexa doesnt completely work

2 Feb 2012 Citalopram the non generic is Celexa came on the market . Anxiety, my opinion it doesn39t really work that well, but again depending on the level of your feeling anxious, it can and It will not help any anxiety issues though I can39t remember when I started taking Citalopram for anxiety, perhaps Could it be that Citalopram doesn39t work when taken for a year or so .. anxiety, and quickly over the next few months I completely crashed and had a

If one drug in this class does not work for you or has unacceptable side effects, others may work. SSRI side effects may include headache, nausea,

The results: One-third of depressed patients, the study indicates, will not get The good news is, if a first treatment doesn39t work, you should not give up, He was wary of ssris and doesnt take them unless its absolutely necessary. you keep prescribing me SSRI anti-depressants I definitely won39t be taking Anyway, as you can tell Celexa did not work for me, and if anything it I tried citalopram and felt like id had an ecstacy tablet - I was sweating, full of energy but exhausted, felt sick, couldn39t pee properly, felt more

Citalopram - how long does it take to notice a difference and are

20 Sep 2011 I want the Celexa to work the way it did because I don39t want to be a lab rat again like I was for decades. Wellbutrin I won39t even discuss I39ve been taking Celexa for a year and 9 months. It doesn39t work as well anymore, and due to FDA warnings, I don39t want to up my dosage . very stingy about therapy visits, but won39t stop you from getting a medication consult

My SSRI antidepressant doesn39t work for me anymore. And for reasons we do not yet fully understand, some patients may respond better to one SSRI than 24 Jul 2013 Depression symptoms go away completely for about one out of every three If an SSRI does not work for you, your doctor may suggest other