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Develop a comprehensive plan for making energy-efficient upgrades, and start seeing greater energy savings sooner. Zero Net Energy Pilot Program Energy efficiency at Iowa State has some inherent challenges: Our co-generation facility operates efficiently and provides low utility rates. These low rates make

The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency was a private-public initiative to create a sustainable, aggressive national commitment to energy efficiency

GOAL 6 Promote energy efficiency, conservation and peak consumption reductions. Utah39s 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan Although it is not discussed in this plan, there is a positive impact to the environment when energy saving activities occur. Using a variety or resources, this plan 18, 2008, the CPUC adopted California39s first Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, presenting a single roadmap to achieve maximum energy savings

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The Secretary shall, by rule, within 60 days after December 22, 1975, prescribe guidelines for the preparation of a State energy conservation feasibility report Daylighting and Occupancy Sensors. High efficiency air conditioning and heating systems. Provided By: WCSCa. Planning for Energy Efficiency

Headquarters Program and Staff Office Energy Conservation Plans As part of the Department39s Energy Efficiency campaign, each Headquarters Program and City Green, a BC non-profit, offers home amp building energy efficiency services: assessments, government grants, thermal imaging, EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR