What vitamins should a vegatarian take

Pregnant and lactating vegetarians (and breastfed infants if the mother39s diet is not supplemented) should also use supplements, Every committed vegetarian should pay special attention to seven key nutrients For those who don39t eat eggs or dairy, look for vitamin B-12 in fortified vegan cheese, Similar to the advice that you must replace what you take out (meat) with

Feb 15, 2011 The more restrictive your vegetarian diet, the harder it is to meet your daily nutritional requirements. If you eat eggs and dairy, it will be easier

Can babies and children have a vegan diet for you to take a vitamin D supplement Information and advice from the Vegetarian Society on health and nutrition and the If you do choose to use supplements be careful not to exceed your daily If you go on a vegetarian or vegetarianesque diet, you will need to supplement your diet with vitamin B12, since it is obtained almost exclusively from animal

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Learn about Vitamin B12 and other good vitamins for vegetarians in this Howcast video with expert Molly Lee The Vegan Society and Vegan Outreach, and others, recommend that vegans either consistently eat foods fortified with B12 or take a B12

Dec 5, 2013 Lacto vegetarian: Lacto vegetarians don39t eat meat or eggs, but do eat dairy Because vegetarians take out certain foods from their diets, they often Carbohydrates provide energy and vitamins for your brain and muscles Sep 24, 2009 Here39s how you can enhance a vegetarian diet with supplements to ensure If you choose to take an iron supplement, take it with a vitamin C