Remove data plan on iphone

I just so happened to have my unlimited removed last April because of an Can I keep my unlimited data plan with Verizon if I upgrade to an iPhone 6 Plus Sep 9, 2014 new iPhone 6, how can I make sure I still keep my unlimited data plan that showed that my unlimited data had been removed automatically

Feb 3, 2013 Even if you Don39t Want a Data Plan With Your Off-Contract iPhone, ATampT Will Force it Upon You

Nov 9, 2011 It39s very annoying that most US providers force a data plan on you even threatening to cancel actually caused them to waive the data plan. You can also jailbreak and unlock an ATampT-based iPhone for this, in many cases Is it possible to buy an Iphone and cancel the data plan I really want to purchase an Iphone but the data plan is just ridiculous for a student Feb 1, 2012 Plugged the sim card back to Nokia and called them to remove the data plan. They did. Turned off that cellular data on my iphone and installed

Will ATampT grandfather unlimited plans with the iPhone 6 upgrade

Jan 16, 2013 ATampT still mandates that such a smart phone have a data plan, The phone will not have a E3G4G indicator on it at all with data removed Mar 27, 2012 I have done this and used my iPhone 3GS for over 4 months now. Works great. This is a perfect way to use an ATampT iPhone without having to

Feb 5, 2013 After using the iPhone as a dumb phone for all intents amp purposes (call, text, I have never ended a call without the data plan being removed May 9, 2012 Go into your settingsgtgeneralgtnetwork, then tap the data roaming to off wjosten, Now I am worried about when I take my iPhone 5 to an Provisioning activated for your account, then pick a voicedata plan amp use it sparingly