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New Jersey. This state has multiple plans. Click a plan to view detailed information. Franklin Templeton 529 College Savings Plan - Advisor-sold NJBEST 529 29 Oct 2013 You don39t have to invest in your home-state plan, after all. Florida, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, South Dakota and West Virginia

New Jersey39s NJBEST 529 College Savings Plan is managed by Franklin Templeton and Residents are not limited to investing in their own state39s plan

NJBEST is a 529 College Savings Plan created by the state of New Jersey for New Jersey families who are trying to save for college. In addition to the typical New Jersey has two 529 savings programs, both managed by Franklin Click on the links below to read more about each NJ 529 plan. Change State: -- Select 22 Aug 2014 In-state or Out-of-state 529 College Savings Plans Being a resident of New Jersey, I don39t get any tax deductions for contributions so I am

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29 Jan 2014 As you may know, 529 college savings plans are administered by individual states. You can use the plan from any state and are not required to Compare 529 college savings plans and find state tax deductions

1 Sep 2010 I love New Jersey, but the state39s 529 plan stinks. The plans are hailed as fantastic college-savings vehicles, and they are. Your money grows 529 Plans Tax Benefits. Plan Benefits. Tax Advantaged Savings Gift amp Estate Benefits Professional Management Benefits for New Jersey Residents