Viral replication and cholesterol

To search for the key cholesterol biosynthetic enzymes that regulate dengue virus replication, we used siRNAs to selectively knock down enzymes involved in 11 Sep 2013 Enteroviruses Harness the Cellular Endocytic Machinery to Remodel the Host Cell Cholesterol Landscape for Effective Viral Replication

1 Nov 2006 Many viruses, including HIV, require cholesterol for their replication and as cholesterol for a purpose of increasing viral replication andor for

3 Dec 2014 Thus, our work has uncovered a novel mechanism by which CH25H restricts HCV replication, suggesting that CH25H inhibits viral infection 5 May 2009 Cholesterol biosynthesis modulation regulates dengue viral replication. Rothwell C, Lebreton A, Young Ng C, Lim JY, Liu W, Vasudevan S, 11 Sep 2013 Enteroviruses harness endocytosis to traffic cholesterol to replication organelles. . Cholesterol regulates viral polyprotein processing and

Cholesterol biosynthesis modulation regulates dengue viral replication

host cell lipid and cholesterol metabolism can disrupt replication complexes by altering . both the viral nonstructural proteins as well as replicating viral. RNA SFV fusion and subsequent virus replication. Depleted cells could be infected Several lines of evidence argued that cholesterol might be playing an important

is involved in HCV RNA replication encode a viral protein that contains Oxysterols, but not cholesterol, inhibit human immunodeficiency virus replication in vitro. C Moog1, AM Aubertin1, A Kirn1 and B Luu2. 1INSERM U74, Institut