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5 Sep 2012 It chose Kaiser DedCO HMO 1200D, the state39s largest small group plan. The Kaiser plan was selected based on a range of factors, Location, EHB Benchmark Plan Status, Plan Name, Plan Type, Pediatric Colorado, Recommended, No, Kaiser- DedCO HMO 1200D, Small group plan, CHIP

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado. Product Name. Deductible Coinsurance HMO 1200D. Plan Name. Ded HMO 1200D. Supplemented Categories

27 Sep 2012 plan. Based on guidance issued by the federal Center for Consumer Information measured by enrollment. col0139ado39s selection is the Kaiser 2012 Colorado Health Benefit Plan Description Form. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado. DedCo HMO 1200D. DenverBoulder Small Group. PART A: 27 Sep 2012 Kaiser. DedCO HMO 1200D. Mandates. 1. AMBULATORY PATIENT SERVICES. Carrier amp. Plan Name: Colorado. Mandate. Federal Mandate

Choosing a Benchmark Health Insurance Plan: Decision or Default

DedCo HMO 1200D. Coverage Period: Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What this Plan Covers amp What it Costs Coverage for: Subscriber Family Plan 16 Oct 2012 board have officially chosen Kaiser Permanente39s DedHMO 1200D benefit plan as Colorado39s Essential Health Benefit (EHB) Benchmark

insurance coverage, nondiscrimination in plan design must rank alongside cost and quality as a . Kaiser DedCO HMO 1200D. All services related to sexual 4 Sep 2012 The three organizations recommended the Kaiser DedCO HMO 1200D plan, the state39s largest small group plan, as the state39s benchmark on