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Lesson Plans Domain-based Unit Plans. The Core Knowledge domain-based units leverage Core Knowledge content to improve the development of students language This is where I will be posting the lesson plans that I am using with my Kindergartners at Guthrie Elementary School. Youll notice that I only teach WW 4 daysweek

Links to both lesson plans and strategies for teaching social science, history, and government

Spring Themes and Units for Preschool, Pre K, and Kindergarten: Lesson Plans, Activities, and Crafts Kite homemade craft and preschool lesson plan printable activities to celebrate a Kite Day theme for preschool and Kindergarten A free lesson plan resource for parents, teachers, and educators to discover the fun in learning. 1,000s of free ideas, songs, craft projects, snacks and other

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Kindergarten Lesson Plans. Titles that appear in bold represent the best of the Share the Knowledge units presented over the years at Core Knowledge National Free preschool printable activities, crafts, lesson plans, themes and coloring pages for toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergarten, daycare, after-school

Heart Healthy Lesson Plans provide elementary teachers like you with a resource to use with your class, which promotes participation in physical activity Make an origami paper crane, a carp fish kite, a Japanese meal, a Japanese doll, and more This lesson is geared toward preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade level