Vitamins for lactating moms

3 Feb 2011 A breastfeeding mother with a good diet can usually supply all of her baby39s needs. Photo Credit mother and baby drinking breast-milk image Nursing mothers need slightly more vitamin C than they did during pregnancy. If you are 18 years of age or younger, you should get 115 milligrams of vitamin C

As a result, doctors recommend that nursing moms take a vitamin and mineral supplement. Often, a new mom will simply continue taking the prenatal vitamin

In addition to eating a sufficient number calories from a well-balanced diet, taking a high quality vitaminmineral supplement can help a nursing mom guard her New mothers have a lot on their plates- but it may not be enough when it comes to food. To meet increased nutrition needs during lactation, lactating women Breastfeeding demands that you consume even more micronutrients Ask your doctor whether specialty multivitamins for nursing mothers would benefit you

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To make sure you and your baby are getting all of the vitamins you need, your health Experts also advise breastfeeding moms to take 1 moringa capsule a day A comprehensive postnatal multivitamin for new mothers. Unlike Nursing Blend, this supplement is for women with no concern for the quantity of breastmilk

Continuing to take prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding is a good idea to make sure you39re getting essential vitamins and minerals. Most women can get all 2 Aug 2011 If you eat a reasonably-well balanced diet, vitamin supplements are not considered necessary for breastfeeding mothers. This is even true for