Vitamin a prophylaxis

Vitamin A deficiency has now been accepted as one of the major nutrition launch a national programme of vitamin A prophylaxis against nutritional blindness Dec 26, 2010 The programme was launched in 1970 with the objective of reducing the disease and preventing blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency

It has been little more than a decade since the initial observation of the dose dependent relation between the severity of vitamin A deficiency and childhood

importance of this disorder. National Prophylaxis Programme for Prevention of. Blindness due to Vitamin A Deficiency. The prophylaxis Programme comprises a populations in countries or areas where vitamin A deficiency is a are key components in any strategy to control vitamin . their regular vitamin A prophylaxis D - Vitamin A Prophylaxis Programme. Prevalence of mild vitamin A deficiency in the world ranges between 20-40 million cases at any one time, nearly a half of


Child survival and Safe Motherhood Programme emphasises on giving vitamin A prophylaxis upto three years of age only, contrary to earlier practice of its Vitamin A prophylaxis West KP, Jr, Djunaedi E, Mele L, Hawkins B. Influence of participation on mortality in a randomized trial of vitamin A prophylaxis

Sep 12, 2013 The National Prophylaxis Programme against Nutritional Blindness due to vitamin A deficiency (NPPNB due to VAD) was started in 1970 with The success of vitamin K prophylaxis has been so dramatic that many practitioners have never seen an infant afflicted with Hemorrhagic Disease of the