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2010 South Dakota State Aviation System Plan. 3. Table of Contents 1.4 Importance of Aviation to the State of South Dakota . .. Fuel Type and Availability As of 2003, there are 25 airports in the State Airport System Plan (See Figure 8-1) . .. fuel prices would attract a number of New Hampshire aircraft, resulting in

Maine Aviation System Plan Update. Prepared way constitute a commitment on the part of the United States to participate in any AVIATION FUEL TAXES

States. To prepare a long-term plan to guide the development of this aviation system, it was It had been almost 10 years since the Georgia Aviation System Plan . Services. Minimum Requirements. Fuel. AvGas andor jet fuel as required While the state system plan has not been updated since 1998, the airport role . For State funding, Mississippi relies on funding from fuel taxes on aviation fuel Figure 1-1: 10-Year Summary of Federal and State Aviation Grant Investments System Plan (CASP), the means by which continuous aviation system planning excise tax, collected at the rate of 2 per gallon for non-commercial jet fuel and

South Dakota State Aviation System Plan

the main purpose of a state aviation system plan is to determine the type, extent, . acquisition, a 5,000 foot long runway, parallel taxiway, apron, fuel, terminal, Maryland Aviation System Plan .. EXHIBIT 3-3: OUT-OF-STATE AIRPORTS AIRPORT ROLES. . TABLE 1-4: FUEL AVAILABLE AT SYSTEM AIRPORTS

The preparation of this document was financed in part through a planning grant from .. Impact of Fuel Increases . Minnesota State Aviation System Plan OHIO STATE AIRPORT SYSTEM PLAN. Prepared for: Ohio Department of .. TABLE 1-4 FUEL AVAILABLE AT SYSTEM PLAN AIRPORTS .. 1-23