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It can be hard to quit smoking, but there is help when you39re ready to quit. The Network can also link you to a local coach, online support, or mail out self-help May 22, 2008 Smokers were also progressively found in the periphery of the social network. Smoking cessation by a spouse decreased a person39s chances

A free resource including quit coaches and quit plans supporting those wishing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco

You Can Quit. We Can Help. Stop smoking today. Get tips and tools that can help make it easier if you decide to quit smoking The importance of social networks on smoking: perspectives of women who quit smoking during pregnancy. Nguyen SN, Von Kohorn I, Schulman-Green D, Why Quit Statistics confirm that smoking and its related illnesses constitutes the primary cause of death in industrialized countries. More. How to Quit

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Quit the Nic a free telephone-based support program. Each phone session with your personal nurse health coach is designed to help you overcome the urge Support can increase your chances of quitting smoking. The EX Community is filled with ex-smokers and people trying to quit. So while you39re re-learning life

Don39t Quit Alone Science-based quit smoking strategies, expert resources, and thousands of former smokers will help you stop smoking, and stay stopped 1 day ago Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You can use it to ask questions, post links , share pictures or just talk about your day and how your quit