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Eye Cancer: Statistics. This section has been reviewed and approved by the Cancer.Net Editorial Board, 052012. ON THIS PAGE: You will find information Statistics. What Are the Key Statistics about Retinoblastoma(American Cancer Society) What Are the Key Statistics for Eye Cancer

Ocular melanoma is the most common primary cancer of the eye in adults. over 50 years old, the incidence rate increases to around 21 per million per year

Eye cancer, also known as ocular cancer, is rare, with around 430 cases The five year survival rates for different stages of ocular melanoma are as follows: The American Cancer Society39s most recent estimates and statistics for eye cancer in the United States are located here Survival rates of eye cancer are based on outcomes of people who39ve had the disease. Find the survival rates for eye cancer here

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Incidence and prevalence of eye cancer. Kleinstein RN, Lehman HF. Cancer of the eye is the only ocular disease which directly threatens life. The average Statistics About Eye Cancer. Some people use statistics to try to figure out their chances of getting cancer or of being cured. Statistics show what happens with

24 Sep 2013 Lymphoma of the eye is such a rare type of cancer that there are no reliable statistics available. For information about the outcome of lymphoma 11 Jul 2014 1 The age-adjusted incidence of this cancer has remained stable Eye anatomy two-panel drawing shows the outside and inside of the eye