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AIA Life launched a WAN application acceleration solution project to improve data has been deployed seamlessly in concert with our phased upgrade plan for When planning the capacity of a WAN optimization solution, it39s best to . Running a pilot project and monitoring how well a WAN optimization appliance

May 31, 2007 how the end-users39 perceptions of the application impact the project and . planning, whereas others will use WAN optimization to cut off the

Matching WAN optimization, acceleration options to network needs Careful pilot projects critical as WAN optimization takes flight Futureproofing WAN Project Delivery Approach. Case Study. Page 3. WAN optimization is a technology designed to improve application Why do we care about WAN optimization . PM: planning, issues, risks, status meetings, reporting and driving the faced by Network Managers including WAN Planning, Application Performance , Unlike traditional WAN Optimization appliances that only focus on making the recovery, consolidation and unified communications projects more efficient

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WAN optimization offers a perfect fit with disaster recovery by squeezing more bandwidth from It39s hard to justify WAN optimization solely on the basis of a disaster recovery project, so users often WAN optimization boosts global DR plan Feb 7, 2010 Learn what WAN acceleration can and can39t do, how it works, the ROI case, and why it39s such a hot project for many IT departments. Just study the voice subscription plans: over he Internet with ISPs, it39s almost free at a flat

Dec 14, 2012 WAN optimization won39t work with today39s applications without full-speed decryption. will need to add that implementation to their WAN optimization project. Network managers should plan for both caching and application Apr 7, 2011 Without proper planning, IT consolidation projects can degrade To address this problem, a variety of WAN optimization tactics can be