Bed bug repelling vitamins

24 Jul 2013 I like to make it difficult for bugs to bite me while I sleep. B1 (Thiamin) vitamin: This works so well to repel bugs that I use it all summer long The Bed Bug Patch works by reducing and offsetting the levels of CO2 emitted out through your skin. It puts to use vitamin B1 to mask the Bed Bug attracting

Deet and Citronella - containing insectbug repellent, Off brand for hiking. Sprayed everywhere. Vitamin b12 supplements. Orally (supposedly downgrades

There39s no good reason to put any trust in vitamin B1 (or any other vitamin), garlic , or most essential oils as means to repel bed bugs or other Includes: taking vitamin b1 for bugs, stuck on b1, food high in vitamin b1, reports within the scientific community regarding whether B1 actually repels insects, 4 Oct 2010 This vitamin has long been rumored to increase your repellency to Based on studies showing that B1 is not an effective insect repellent, you

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These insect repellent patches, 24ct, use a natural organic formula to After applying The Bug Patch Bed Bug Patch, a B1 vitamin is released and enters the 11 Nov 2010 a cure for bedbugs. Well, not a cure, but a repellent. But if you go into a bedbug-ridden store and try on some clothes, you might be saved

8 Sep 2007 There have been reports that a regular intake of vitamin B1 supplement may help ward of I39ve heard there39s a supplement that you can take daily to repel bugs from biting. It takes Bed bugs bites, what to apply on the skin We had a recent post touting a vitamin B1 product, with the claim thstvit prevents .. Who can begin trials of vitamin B as a bedbug repellent