Generic queue

This C tutorial uses the Queue generic collection. It provides examples for its syntax By default you can put any Object into a Queue , but from Java 5, Java Generics makes

The Synchronized() method returns a wrapper queue that slaps a lock around every method. This pattern is

The Generic Queue Class : Queue Collections Data Structure Java The .Net Source code is available as reference material from the following location 11 Aug 2009 I39ve been doing a lot of mult-threading work, recently, using the standard Thead class, the Worker

C Queue Class

System.Collections.Generic.QueueltTgt. Namespace: System.Collections.Generic Assembly: System (in System.dll) The generic queue is like the stack but instead of a LIFO (39last in first out39) functionality, it has FIFO (39first in first out39)

If Count already equals the capacity, the capacity of the QueueltTgt is increased by automatically reallocating the Generic.QueueltTgt. Namespace: System.Collections.Generic Assemblies: System (in System.dll) System.Collections (in