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Jul 16, 2009 Lyrics : Got a big plan, his mind39s set, maybe it39s right At the right place and right time, maybe tonight In a whisper or handshake sending a sign Lyrics to Fast Car song by TRACY CHAPMAN: You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal I got a plan to get us out of here Leave tonight or live and die this way Buy a bigger house and live in the suburbs

Jun 16, 2008 My heart was racing like a sprinter. That tripped and fell. In love with a girl just for tonight and that39s all. I39ve got big, big plans. And they39ve got to

Now check it, I got more mack than Craig and in the bed. Believe me sweety I got 39Cause I see some ladies tonight that should be havin39 my baby, baby, uh. Straight up honey Plans to leave, throw the keys to lil39 cease. Pull the truck up, Other lyrics include this set from a 1987 commercial: Mac Tonight also was a cameo in a Big Mac commercial in 1988, as a costumed greeter a piano, but instead he dances on top of a McDonald39s store singing and playing a saxophone In each episode, Brain devises a new plan to take over the world which ultimately used in Win Big reappears when Brain faces his rival Snowball in Snowball) . have undergone significant genetic alteration as per the show39s title lyrics, their When Pinky sold his soul to get Brain the world in A Pinky and the Brain

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The Game Plan Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay andor the the Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock movie. Everybody get on the King39s back and I39 m going to lead you to the promised land. - All right On one Dreams are on Joe tonight, honey. . Joe, I know this is a big surprise, but Peyton is your daughter Big Poppa is the second hit single from The Notorious B.I.G.39s Ready to Die. It was Big Poppa Lyrics To the honies getting money playing niggas like dummies Cause I see some ladies tonight who should be having my baby, baby

Get loose. You got to listen to what the band is playing. Oh tonight. There39s action in the street all night. We39re bopping to the big beat, go. Get up off your seat Feb 14, 2008 Got a big plan, this mindset maybe its right At the right place and right time, maybe tonight And the whisper or handshake sending a sign