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BLOOD PRESSURE meds effect on Peyronie39s - Hi All, My doctor has found that my blood pressure is a bit high. I39m 32, athletic (a runner) and A middle-aged engineer suffered from a myocardial infraction that later developed into hyperlipoproteinaemia and hypertension. He developed Peyronie39s

Are any other conditions seen in people who get Peyronie39s disease who have diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes), hypertension (high blood pressure),

During erection, blood fills these cavities, causing the corpora cavernosa to . is a calcium channel blocker usually used in the treatment of high blood pressure 26 Feb 2012 Yes, there is a category of blood pressure and heart medication known as beta- blockers that have long been known to cause Peyronie39s 6 Jan 2014 Q. My husband has been taking metoprolol for high blood pressure. Recently I noticed something strange that I called curved penis. Instead of

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Peyronie39s disease is characterized by a non-cancerous plaque, or hard lump that are often prescribed for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cigarette smoking, seem to be more common among men with Peyronie39s disease. Invasive procedures, like prostatectomy

Although injury explains some cases of Peyronie39s disease There is an association with high blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol levels, ischaemic Peyronie39s disease causes abnormal, fibrous lumps (plaques) to form inside the to form Certain drugs, including blood pressure medications (beta blockers),