Pet11a ampicillin

pET11a-link-NGFP is a plasmid vector designed for fusion of a target protein to ampicillin, 35 ugmL kanamycin, 10 uM IPTG and 0.02-0.2 arabinose The ampicillin-resistant NusTag and TrxTag vectors are pET-11a-d. N . plasmids contain the gene for ampicillin resistance (-lactamase) in the same

lacIq. P T7lac O. BamH I. Nde I. T T7 ampicillin. pBR322 ori. RBS gene 10 leader . pET-11a. 5.7 kb. T7 promoter with lac operator 143 ribosome binding site

bacteria were placed on plates laced with the antibiotic ampicillin (the pET11a plasmid, carries an ampicillin resistance gene) so any bacteria not containing the Plasmid pET11a-4SS-HEWL from Dr. Harald Schwalbe39s lab contains the insert pBR322origin PstI (754) ORF frame 2 Ampicillin AmpRpromoter AatII (77) You have selected for transformants by plating the transformed DNA onto rich media (TCS) containing ampicillin. (The pET11a plasmid contains an ampicillin

Supplementary Note pET11a-link-NGFP, 6181 bp pET11a-link

16 Sep 2011 Ampicillin. Link to Sequence. Novagen. Features. T7 Promoter Ribosome binding site. Nde I cloning site BamHI cloning site lacI repressor The pET 3a, b, c and pET 11a, b, c plasmids have one base pair shift in the BamH I site, . gene for ampicillin resistance and the pBR322 origin of replication

This plasmid contains a drug resistant marker for ampicillin resistance (green), the lacI gene (blue), the T7 transcription promoter (red), the lac operator region Plasmid: pET11a EcoRI (5675) AatII (5604) AmpRpromoter PstI (4927) ORF frame 2 Ampicillin pGEX3primer ROP MscI (2760) NruI (2288) EagI (2253) tet