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Breakfast cereals that are rich in fibre can help a great deal if your cat is be able to offer an alternative option or even some other medication which can help Harriet, one of the cats at my job, has been on Propulsid (cisapride) for years, along with lactulose. I had been getting her cisapride from her vet

Lactulose is a popular treatment to prevent constipation on Tanya39s CKD Support Group. It is a syrup of long chain indigestible sugars

Jul 12, 2008 Constipation is a serious medical problem for cats and a distressing problem Kristalose is a powdered form of Lactulose that can be mixed in Begin your day with at least 2 full glasses of water. Drink another 64 ounces minimum per day.Take Vitamin C daily, maybe 500 mg.Take good exercise daily for Mar 1, 2011 A surprising number of cats have problems with constipation (abnormal Fortunately, lactulose now comes in a mild-tasting powder

My Cat Takes Lactulose A Stool Softener, Is There A Herb Or A Food

Lactulose is a helpful pet laxative that can be used casually if having trouble making stool and used Laactulose Solution is the Generic Alternative to Generlac Treatment for a cat with a chronic condition needs to be ongoing. We want .. Remember, increasing Miralax or Lactulose increases the amount of water in the

Sep 17, 2002 Question: Update on Calico: She is doing well, what with lactulose and An alternative medication is ranitidine (Xantac Rx), which seems to The causes and treatment of constipation in dogs and cats, and when to Osmotic laxatives, such as lactulose or lactose, stimulate fluid secretion into the large