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Nov 17, 2008 Working on a homemade recumbent bike. This is my first try. Not building from plans Mar 31, 2013 Build your own Recumbent Bikes, Trikes, and Choppers from our DIY plans

I am Tom Porter and I39ve been touring and racing my own homebuilt designs since 1992. I39ve built a little over 24 bikes, mostly of various design, in that time

Steve39s Recumbent Bicycle Share Project - Notes, photos and stories from other creative home bicycle builders and their handmade recumbent bikes, trikes, and quads. Click on the plans graphic on the left to see more of this cool bike Building a recumbent bicycle. I have a small pile of old bike sells parts or whole bikes. Another Tour Easy clone, with PDF scanned People Movers39 plans Jun 13, 2012 supermarket. The seat is made following the plans from here No welding homemade recumbent trike made by 18 years old boy. (Part 1)

Homemade recumbent bike build video - YouTube

If you are interested in building recumbent (and other kinds) of bikes and trikes, check out Atomic Zombie. I liked the Delta Runner and bought the plans Picture of DIY recumbent bicycle made from recycled parts convert my old aluminum-frame Specialized bicycle into a front wheel drive recumbent (aka bent )

Tom Porter39s Recumbent Bike Homebuilder Plans Mr Porter has 3 recumbent design including a 700c650c Lowracer, 700c700c High Racer and a 26406 Everything you need to know to build a great recumbent bicycle. Drawings The plans and instructions are all free and complete here, nothing to send off for