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If the whole idea of lithium scares you, you might want to start with some . It is important to taper slowly off lithium, taking at least several weeks to do so, unless My mom has recentally lost her medical insurance and is on lithium (900mg to find out how to wean off of it before she has to quit cold-turkey

24 Apr 2014 Lithium is a naturally occurring element that is used to treat mania in Additionally, how gradually you taper off of the medication can also

After an enormous amount of deliberation and research, I decided to taper off lithium. I39ve taken lithium for 4 years and I currently take 450 OBJECTIVE: Growing evidence suggests that abrupt lithium discontinuation increases the risk of recurrence for patients with bipolar disorder. To assess the Coming Off Psychiatric Medication. Mood Stabilisers: Lithium middot img03 It is important therefore to disseminate information about the coming off process

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I39ve been on lithium for a month after cold turkey off lexapro. What do you think of tapering off. I39m on 225since I39ve been on it a fairly short time 20 Nov 2012 I39m looking to hear about others39 experiences with tapering off lithium, of course hoping to hear success stories amp tips :) I39ve been guided by the

3 Oct 2013 A lot of patients are turned off to lithium because they were once too . Studies indicate that tapering lithium over less than 30 days increases Effects of Lithium after stopping Discussions in the HubPages Health Forum. Did your doctor take you off Lithium, or did you stop on your own .. need a lot of support and a good doctor to taper off very slowly over 1-2 yrs