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A Community Action Plan is developed by a PTA to explore, raise awareness and Widely publicize the event and supply details on the date, time, venue, This Community Action Plan summarises community views about: . Fenwick 154 PEOPLE ATTENDED THE COMMUNITY FUTURES EVENT. THANKS TO

gathering people39s ideas and writing an HIV action plan. holding an event to build community support for the action plan. using the materials in this toolkit to

General event action plan. Timing. Task. Who. Date. Done. 9-6 months prior to the event. Carry out community consultation - establish support for community V. Action Planning Matrix A tool to help identify the tangible action steps . When planning community events and prevention strategies, please consider the Develop a committee to run the event including government agency staff, local government staff, local service groups, interested community members and some

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provide to patients, their families, and the community at large. Through The National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention is a major step toward Thank you for using Shoalhaven City Council39s Sustainable Event Action Plan template. A completed PDF version will be emailed to you. We hope you found our

Aug 7, 2008 Community planning events allow people to produce plans of action at carefully structured sessions at which all those affected work creatively Answer the following questions to see if planning a community event is right for your In your action plan, establish measurements that you can use to identify