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Current or recent use of birth control pills (oral contraceptives) slightly increases the risk of breast cancer . Studies show that while women are taking birth 792004018332Dear Reader, No wonder youre confused. Currently, several dozen birth control pills are on the market, and the mixed messages coming in from

6292011018332Cancer: Women who take birth control pills increase their risk of cervical and breast cancers, and possibly liver cancer as well. Thinner bones: Women who

Your doctor(s) should review the proper administration and effects of each with you. DEPENDS WHICH BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Zoloft presents risks to a fetus should In the developing world, birth control increases economic growth due to there being fewer dependent children and thus more women participating in the workforce Women 7112008018332Here are the basics about Low Dose Birth Control Pills -the brands, the ingredients and the benefits. Reducing the side effects of birth control pills

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Birth control, also known as contraception, is designed to prevent pregnancy. Birth control methods may work in a number of different ways. These include What Can Boost Your Fertility After Stopping the Birth Control Pill. Deciding to come off the pill is a big step. Suddenly you are working toward the very thing you

Low Dose Birth Control Pills. Q: Who manufactures ultra low dose birth control pills More than one company I need specifics and cant find them What Should I Do if I Forgot to Take My Birth Control Pills If you forget to take a birth control pill, take it as soon as you remember. If you dont remember until