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26 Jun 2013 The field is moving toward using the right drugs at the right time in the . Right before I found out I had breast cancer, I had just completed my After 1992, breast cancer was the most common indication for autotransplant. randomised to conventional treatment conditions, and doctors were not reimbursed for additional time spent administering protocols. .. The Los Angeles Times

13 Dec 2013 Breast cancer experts debate the benefits of offering surgery and M.D., a surgical oncologist at City of Hope, told the Los Angeles Times in an

Source: Los Angeles Times MORE gt February 22, 2013 Older Chemo Regimen Better than Newer Drugs in Advanced Breast Cancer By: E.J. Mundell Source: BPA makes breast cancer tumors resistant to chemotherapy .. LA Times pinkwashing reaches new low by pushing preventive chemotherapy drugs for women 11 Dec 2013 A woman receives chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer. 10 to 20 of patients have metastatic disease by the time they39re diagnosed

No More Chemo: Doctors Say It39s Not So Far-Fetched

YOU ARE HERE: LAT HomeCollectionsChemotherapy Among breast cancer patients, for instance, about one in 200 are younger than age 40, and some November 14, 2011By Karen Kaplan, Los Angeles Times For the Booster Shots blog. Breast cancer patients who were treated with chemo in addition to Worse still, even though the chemotherapy-treated women took more time on this

In 1997, Mary Herczog found out that, at 33, she had invasive breast cancer. Chemotherapy came next. How did she cope With fear, realism and humor It had been approved for breast cancer, but that approval was withdrawn for use in metastatic colorectal cancer when used with standard chemotherapy A panel of cancer experts ruled for a second time that Avastin, the best-selling cancer In 2013, Hoffmann-La Roche announced that the drug was associated with 52