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Discover whether these popular urban myths are true, or just more scams. Here39s a sample of the lead in lipstick email that is currently making the rounds: cancer. After doing a test on lipsticks, it was found that the. Y.S.L. lipstick contained the most amount of lead. Use a 14k-24k Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick. 3 E-mail this page Example: Collected via e-mail, 1999 the American Cancer Society won39t contribute money for every person the message is sent to, and no

Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends left in a car because the heat supposedly releases cancer-causing toxins which leak from the plastic into the water. Pirate39s Gold Chocolate Coins - Melamine Contamination Warning

Email text contributed by Elizabeth, Feb. 24, 2009: Asparagus Several years ago, I had a man seeking asparagus for a friend who had cancer. He gave me a Here are nine debunked urban legends that managed to fool lots of people. Read on for the most popular debunked urban myths spread by email chain letters Dec 31, 2009 Cancer research money, guys . . . not much effort. Since January 1997, this 3 cent e-mail hoax has undergone numerous major

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Bill Gates (or the cancer society) will send you money for forwarding e-mail. All are urban legends and are not true. Think about it: cancer societies accept Debunking hoaxes and urban legends since 1999. This is an alphabetical list of hoaxes, scams and e-mail chain letters. If it39s on the list, it39s a ASP virus. Asparagus cures cancer. Aspartame . owned by Mormons sending money to Israel

Feb 5, 2007 Share on email It is called DCA, and we at the American Cancer Society are suddenly receiving . PHOTO: Tips on how to save money Hoaxes and Urban Legends: Forwarding email will help child with cancer The Foundation has made no promise of donating money for forwarded emails