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In an attempt to establish ranges for clinically normal birds of various psittacine species, the following criteria were used to .. Ammonia solution, topical ( Penetran), 229, 244, 303 . Bumblefoot, 190, 200, 403-404 . Clindamycin, 260- 261 3 Dec 2011 Bruises in birds are greenish due to the accumulation of biliverdin . Topical antimicrobial use is controversial in wound management Multiple drug therapy has been described for birds using synergistic combinations of clindamycin Severe cases of bumblefoot require surgical debridement and open

and should be used with extreme caution in birds that weigh less than one kg. Can be Available as a lotion or for topical application on pruritic lesions or as a liquid for oral .. CLINDAMYCIN - Antirobe (Upjohn). Available as a . bacteria and may be useful in some cases of bumblefoot, ulcerative dermatitis, chronic

HEALx Soother Spray was applied topically for 3 consecutive days followed on the 4th The cockatiel was also treated with Clindamycin, Metacam and Pet Tinic. . of the infectious and inflammatory components in this case of bumblefoot in a My favorite hen has had bumblefoot for close to 3 12 months. Vetericin is an excellent product for topical wound cleansing, however it39s I have not checked to see whether clindamycin can be used in poultry, but in dogs, All birds were self-mutilating the infected area, and they had trimethoprim, cleaning with diluted chlorhexadine and topical application of mupirocin dermatitis, bumblefoot and chronic feather destructive disorders in pet psittacines (BAUK, cephalexin, enrofloxacin, polymixin B, marbofloxacin, clindamycin and oxacillin

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use in raptors or other species of bird and therefore appropriate Clindamycin .. Pancreatic extracts and. Topical. Irrigation of bumblefoot and other lesions In the case of Bumblefoot, the bird has sustained an injury, however small, Treatment beyond topical and supplemental Vitamin A may consist of .. vigorous scrubs, and oral Clindamycin as well as pain and anti-inflammatory medication

Clindamycin may be indicated in cases of osteomyelitis. . Pododermatitis or bumblefoot may develop in any bird with a leg injury on the good or weight- bearing (Marcaine, AstraZeneca), 2 mgkg, SC, topical, Based on research in ducks Only those birds that are likely to make a rapid recovery and be successfully Topical use of a bland preparation containing yeast extract has been shown to stimulate dog bite wounds, carpal injuries, power cable injuries and bumblefoot. . or combination therapy with penicillin, or clindamycin, and a fluoroquinolone is