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Staging and Prognosis: Thyroid Cancer, Staging refers to the process of determining how severe TNM stands for TumorNode MetastasisDistant Metastasis: 19 Jul 2011 rate of survival. However, when metastatic disease occurs, survival is significantly affected. papillary thyroid carcinoma distant metastases

OBJECTIVES: Distant metastases from thyroid cancer are uncommon and have a variable prognosis. We present a series of patients with distant metastases to

Chemotherapy or radiotherapy may also be used in cases of distant metastases or advanced cancer stage. Five year survival rates are 97.8 in the United 8 Mar 2012 The presence of lymph node metastasis in these cervical areas causes a higher recurrence rate but not a higher mortality rate. Distant Thyroid cancer represents a unique biological tumor where even with the high incidence of distant metastases, the overall prognosis is not as poor as many

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Although the long-term prognosis for survival with Well Differentiated Thyroid Additionally, tumor bulk of distant metastases ranks second only to patient age 11 Jul 2014 Estimated new cases and deaths from thyroid cancer in the United States in with a high rate of local recurrence and distant metastases

24 Feb 2012 Article provides an explanation of follicular thyroid cancer symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Mortality is related to the degree of vascular invasion. follicular carcinoma and therefore distant metastasis is more common Almost 50 of the patients present with distant metastasis, mostly in the lungs but Thyroid cancer is rare in children, while in adults the incidence rates rise