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11 Sep 2014 The goal of alternative treatments for asthma is to bolster the body39s ability to protect itself from asthma triggers and to strengthen the lungs and That39s why it39s better to see them as 39complementary39 and working alongside conventional medicines rather than as 39alternative39 therapies. If you are interested in

A useful list compiled by naturopathic physician James Rouse, complete with a run-down of common causes and triggers of asthma -- the disease that leads to 2

There are many complementary and alternative treatments that claim to treat asthma. However, because there have been few or no research studies on most of 30 May 2014 With all the new findings on alternative medicine and natural remedies, you may wonder if there39s a natural cure for asthma. Unfortunately They may also be called 39Complementary and Alternative Medicine39 (CAM), 39 Alternative Some complementary therapies used by people with asthma include:

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Many people turn to alternative medicine to help alleviate their asthma or allergy symptoms. These treatment approaches may include, but are not limited to, one 17 Jul 2010 It39s a traditional treatment for asthma in some cultures. A very effective, but cheaper (and probably better for you) alternative that does more or

Read more articles and information on the natural treatment of asthma from Dr. Weil, your trusted health advisor Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) asthma treatment ranges from breathing exercises to herbal remedies. Unfortunately, a lack of well-designed