Recovery from throat cancer

Jan 11, 2011 Actor Michael Douglas, 66, says his throat cancer tumor is gone after Har-El says Douglas has made the first step on the road to recovery: finished 7 weeks of radiation at the end of June for throat cancer. The doctors have said it can take 6 months or longer to recover from the

Robotic surgery has reduced the recovery time for throat surgery from 14 days down to just a few. Learn more from our experts about robotic surgery for throat

May 7, 2014 Your body needs good nutrition to help you recover from treatment. So if you are getting over cancer of the larynx, try to cut down on your Aug 2, 2011 When Rob Clary, 44, of Cave Creek, Ariz., needed surgery for cancer in his throat , the surgeon was able to remove the cancer through Learn about the recovery period after you39ve had some or all of your larynx removed (laryngectomy)

Michael Douglas: Throat Cancer Survivor

Apr 17, 2014 For some people with laryngeal or hypopharyngeal cancer, treatment may When these cancers recur, it is most often in the first couple of years after However, there are ways to restore speech after total laryngectomy This section will talk about the recovery process after treatment for cancer. The treatment regime for head and neck cancers can be really tough and can cause

Surgery is the preferred treatment for early-stage throat cancers. The throat is comprised of the pharynx and the larynx page story of Dr. Brook39s diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from throat cancer. In contrast although they may be damaged, healthy cells generally recover