Can you eat asparagus on coumadin

8 Aug 2007 I have been asked by multiple individuals to give a complete answer When you are taking Coumadin, you will not stop bleeding easily if you are cut. . a day and one serving of dark green vegetables such as asparagus foods that are high in vitamin K, you can decrease the effect of warfarin. thumb is to suspect that green veggies, cabbages and lettuces are high in Vitamin K

that green veggies, cabbages and lettuces are high in Vitamin K. Also certain You should avoid drinking alcohol while taking warfarin because alcohol can

12 Aug 2014 Here are some of the foods you can39t eat while taking Coumadin. . avoid or be consistant with Vit K ie leafy green veggies but in no way was I The biggest issue with coumadin and vitamin K is you need to eat a consistent . If he were to eat lettuce, he should stick to iceberg especially the whiter inner In order to maintain stable PTINR levels you should not eat more than 1 serving of a high vitamin K a doctor prescribes Warfarin, they are trying to balance it with how much vitamin K you eat Raw Green Leaf Lettuce, 1 cup, (125 DV)

Coumadin, Vitamin K, and a Plant-Based Diet : Disease Proof

The food you eat can affect how your medicine works. It is important to provide you with information about the interaction between Coumadin and vitamin K 6 Nov 2013 Warfarinbrand name Coumadinis a blood thinner often prescribed You will want to tell your physician how often you eat foods high in Iceberg lettuce is low and romaine is also fairly low, so either can be eaten daily

Foods that are high in vitamin K can affect the way warfarin works in your body. Vitamin K helps You could choose to eat vitamin K-rich foods every day, twice per week or three times per week. whatever Lettuce green leaf, Romaine 18 Feb 2014 Raw lettuces such as endive, green-leaf lettuce and romaine don39t contain as much vitamin K as cooked leafy greens, but you should still eat